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Welcome to Lizard Security

Did you know that someone is devastated by a burglary in the UK every 40 seconds?

That's over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries each year.

More people than ever are now protecting their property using CCTV and alarms.

Modern technology allows you to be home when you are not.

We fit alarms which allow you to set and unset your system from your phone.

Did you know, you can still have an alarm even if you have a cat or dog?

You can view and playback your CCTV from your mobile device.

Don't leave it until it's too late!



You can view and playback your CCTV via an App on your smartphone.

Your CCTV can be connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which stores the images on a hard drive.

Alternatively you can have stand alone WiFi cameras, which save the images to the cloud (Extra costs apply)

Your alarm can be wired, wireless or hybrid.

You can set and unset your alarm remotely via an App on your smartphone, and even get notifications.

We can fit pet friendly detectors to allow your pets to wander freely around your property.

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